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Forever Luv

Luv lasts forever? He he he.. I know i can be very annoying at times. I dont want to see the best in everything right now. Everything is boring. Lost hope??? I can never loose hope. Maybe I would say is verbally but wont lose hope in reality. HOPE keeps me going. Actually Everyone..

Words? Actions?

What is more important? Words or Actions? I feel without words we as humans dont get inspired. we need words of inspiration to get it into actions. But sometimes too many words can actually annoy and demotivate us.

We should know when to stop using words. We should know when our words are used as inspiration to put them into actions and when they are actually making us run away from the good. Are we using the words for our good or are we using them for bad?

I sometimes feel that I am always bombarded with words even when I ask them to stop. Its really annoying. It actually makes me want to rebel which is not good. I know its not good but I still want to do the opposite of what I have been told. I’ve been told sooo many times the same thing that I want to do the opposite.

Bad habit. tsk tsk tsk..


Studies were important for me when I was a child, but as I was growing up I lost interest in them. Wanted to become an Architect just like my Grand mother, then wanted to become a Nephrologist, but the thought of blood was disturbing for me. I used to faint the moment I used to see blood. Strangely, I was just like my father in this. My grandmother always felt that girls should never become doctors, she had her reasons for it. But I wanted to follow her footsteps. But down the line, I lost interest for many reasons. In the end, I simply got married and got busy with my family, husband and daughter.

Now I am in Australia, and studying B.ED in Early Childhood and Primary School. Its fun. But the moment I see my assignments, it scares the hell out of me. I feel like why didn’t I study when I was actually supposed to be studying. What did I get myself into? was my decision of studying right or wrong? Well I think it can never be wrong as I am gaining knowledge and doing what I now love. My father always told me that I didn’t study when I was suppose to.

I only have 7 more units left to finish my studies. out of which 3 are placements. This is the first time I am doing group work and I dont know why but I am not comfortable about it. It scares me.. What do I do?


Why is it that we want everything from life? Why are we not content with what we have? And after watching those amazing dramas your expectations get higher and higher. You want the romance, the drama, the money, etc..


I have recently started watching Shadowhunters. Its quite an interesting TV series. I hate the relationship between Jace and Clary. They first are dating and then suddenly they are siblings and now again suddenly they r not siblings. What is Valentine doing? Have to wait for the season finale. I am yet to finish. I really like Izzy and Alec. I love the chemistry between Clary and Simon thou. I know it is supposed to be Jace and Clary but I prefer Simon and Clary. They look so innocent together.

Jocelyn’s death was uncalled for. It was so sudden. I feel so bad for Luke. He loved her so much.


Mamma just flew in yesterday afternoon to Darwin, Australia after 3 long years. It feels like forever. Even though I have met her 3 times since then but its never enough. It can never be enough. She is the one who gave birth to me, nurtured me to the woman I am today. She taught me things which no one else could have. When I found out that I am pregnant she took such wonderful care of me. She took care of all my tantrums, my mood swings which my husband should have taken care off but because I was to go on complete bed rest my husband and my mother in law shipped me to my mother’s place as she can take care of me. I can’t think of anyone to thank me for my life apart from her and my dad. He knew how to handle my mood swings, not just in pregnancy but my entire life, even till now. Whenever I am low I call him and talk to him and he makes my worries go away in a snap. I wish he could come with mamma to stay with us, but work is work. I won’t force him even though I want to. To talk about both my parents this post is not going to do justice. Just a small message or should I say reminder that I love you both mamma pappa.

Waste Free NT

I have been reading sooo much about how we can live zero waste. But I think I cant do that. I dont want to be a 100% zero waste but at least 50%. I have started to try. Lets see.. I started using a reusable water bottle, coffee cup, etc. It scares the hell out of me whats happening to our planet. What will happen if we at least dont start trying. I know I am nobody here but at least I want to make a change. I am open to the idea of change.